Lasell College Uses Forms to Connect with Students

Written by Abby Nieten on September 4, 2012

Posted in Case Studies, Education

Face it: college students hate paper. If they get a generic college memo in their mailboxes, it’s going to end up in the recycling bin. For higher education employees, it’s becoming more difficult to connect with students in an age of social media, mobile apps and email. Fortunately, our online forms and mobile app make it easier for students to interact with their college – on their own turf.

Lasell College’s Christopher Lynett has been a loyal Formstack customer for over four years. As the director of web and electronic marketing, he uses Formstack to develop many of the forms students use to communicate with administration, participate in surveys and even apply to graduate. “Formstack saves us thousands of dollars because we don’t have to hire a developer to create our forms,” said Lynett. “It reduces technical aspect out of form building, so it’s more user-friendly. It gives non-programmers the ability to create forms.”

Want to know more? Here’s their story …

Who: Lasell College

What: Founded in 1851, Lasell College offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in more than 40 areas of study. Lassell is home to almost 2,000 undergraduate and master’s students, and it is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the Boston area.

Where: Newton, Mass.

The Problem: Before using Formstack, Lynett needed an easy way to create forms and embed them on our site. “I was doing all the coding for forms, which can be extremely complicated and time-consuming,” said Lynett. Lasell College uses a content management system to update its website. Prior to becoming a Formstack customer, Lynett had to manually embed his forms into the content management software, and he would have to start from scratch if he needed to change a form.

The Solution: The ease of embedding forms into Lasell’s content management system was what initially attracted Lynett to Formstack. “We don’t have to re-code the form in the content management system,” said Lynett. “We can just alter it in Formstack and re-embed the form with the new script. It’s so much easier.”

The Outcome: Lasell College uses Formstack as a way for students to communicate with college administrators. To eliminate paper applications, Lasell students can apply to graduate via a Formstack form. One of their most popular form uses is to request letters of recommendation from staff members. When students fill out the form, conditional logic automatically sends the requested staff member an email informing them that they have been asked to write a recommendation. Then they are directed to another form where they can submit the recommendation. “It’s really neat and really popular,” said Lynett. “It has eliminated paper copies, and they are password protected.”

In the future, Lynett’s department will continue to discover new ways to connect with students using our product, as well as new ways to use our mobile app. Currently, they use the app to see how certain forms are progressing during marketing campaigns.

“Formstack has saved us countless hours of coding forms ourselves,” said Lynett. “Without the form builder, we would have to work with the IT department and their busy schedule to have the forms created. Actually, they use Formstack too!”

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