Market Research Company Simplifies Data Collection Using Forms

Written by Formstack on December 9, 2012

Posted in Case Studies, Form Hacks

You know when you’re watching the news, and the reporter says something like, “Market researchers predict that 2013 will be an unprecedented
year for …” and so on? Well, those market researchers have names, and they devote their entire occupations to surveying current trends in certain industries. Formstack customer Greentech Media is one of those names, and they report research findings in the green technology industry. When your annual reports and research is being featured in publications like The New York Times and USA Today, you’ve gotta make sure your surveying methods are solid.

Read on to see how Greentech Media uses Formstack to collect research data:

Who: Greentech Media

Where: Boston, Mass.

What: Greentech Media delivers news, research, and analysis in the business-to-business green technology market. Using multiple research methods, the company can produce a wide platform of research materials – whether it’s industry news or market research for a client, Greentech Media handles it all.  GTM Research, the research arm of the company, produces in-depth market reports and publishes a monthly solar market tracker, PV News.

The Problem: GTM Research produces a quarterly report on the solar industry in partnership with the Solar Energy Industries Association. In order to compile accurate data on the rate of instillations for solar energy homes and businesses, Greentech Media needed a tool for surveying installers across the country.

“We looked at a couple solutions for gathering this data, and decided on Formstack for factors including price, ease of use/interface, and ability to include advanced logic,” said Clare Ondrey, senior marketing manager at Greentech Media.

The Solution: After switching to Formstack, the marketing team at Greentech Media was able to create their reports more quickly, due to the ease of form building and survey distribution. Because the surveys could be quickly created in Formstack and the links emailed to surveyors, data was able to be collected and stored in one centralized location, making it easier for the team to access the data needed.

“The easy user interface is one of the best I’ve seen from – all the tech solutions we use,” said Ondrey. “The conditional logic remains the most helpful feature for setting up our particular forms.”

Currently, the company uses Formstack to survey solar energy installers for its annual report, as well as gathering comparative information for the electric utility industry. In the future, Greentech Media plans to continue using Formstack forms for survey research, as well as exploring uses for the latest feature and integration updates.

“Formstack is a great and affordable service for forms of all types,” said Ondrey. “The forms are easy for the users to take and get us the information we need.”