Giving your Users a Payment Option

Written by Formstack on April 9, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks


Today I am going to show you how you can give your users a choice on how they pay for your products.

Step 1. Create a radio button field on your form that contains the payment options you would like to provide.


I used PayPal, Check, and Bring Cash to the Event. Make sure you make this question required, or the user might skip this question by accident.

Now we go to Settings > Emails & Redirects. Here we will change our options for “After the form has been submitted”

It is good if you all ready have your Payment Processor set up, I have PayPal as you can see below.


Click the green + sign circled above. That will create a new action.

Let’s do the check action.


And then finally the Cash Option.


Once you have these options set up, you can test the form to see if you get everything right. Good Luck!