Formstack Launches New Nonprofit Customer Page

Written by Abby Nieten on May 30, 2012

Posted in Formstack Updates, Nonprofits

It’s no surprise that nonprofit employees can easily  feel a little stressed between the limited budgets, overwhelming responsibilities, and the looming panic of, “how are we going to raise more funds!?” We see it every day. Juggling marketing, public relations, fund-raising, accounting, billing, and so on, can often lead to confusing communication and unorganized processes. These are issues for organizations of all types, but specifically for nonprofits because of the brutally confined resources.

Here at Formstack, we’re often chatting with some of our own nonprofit customers about these specific pains. We hear your cries for help! And we want to share with you some ways that Formstack can alleviate those issues with our simple  form builder/data collection tool.

Check out our Nonprofits industry page for more information on how nonprofit organizations can use Formstack for online donation forms, volunteer sign-ups, event registrations, and more.

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