A Customer Story on How Formstack Integrations Save Money, Increase Conversions

Written by Abby Nieten on March 5, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Integrated business applications have become the cornerstone of streamlining your processes as a small business. Using tools such as ours, along with our several integrations and payment processors, allows you to focus on other timley business matters – like schmoozing clients or planning company parties. You know, the important stuff.

This week, we wanted to share a story about one of our customers, Bravo Video, and how they were able to save thousands and increase conversions by 20%, all because they integrated their Chargify account with Formstack, allowing for easy payment processing.

“Formstack is awesome, easy-to-use and jam-packed with useful features and integrations,” said Sean Rosensteel, business development agent at Bravo Video. “If we weren’t using Formstack, our expenses would immediately go up because we’d have to hire more coders to implement these payment forms and integrate them with the Chargify API.”

Want to know the details? Here’s their story…

Who: Bravo Video

What: Bravo Video allows businesses to capture video from customers, users and fans – right over the web. Solutions include customer testimonials, social contests, product reviews and more.

Where: Chicago, Illinois

The Problem: Bravo Video needed a way to collect payments from its customers without the hassle of hiring a developer to set up a payment processor, costing them hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars. Before, customers were forced to use the default payment form from Chargify off-site. The inconvenience for them was causing a low conversion rate.

The Solution: Rosensteel had been a long time customer of Formstack with his previous business and decided to use Formstack as a means to simplify the payment process for his customers.

Bravo Video is now able to take payments on its site using Formstack SSL forms, integrating them directly with its Chargify recurring billing system and Highrise CRM tool, as well. The simple order form they created allowed for customers to safely and easily submit a transaction without being redirected.

The Outcome: Since implementation, Bravo Video has seen a 20% increase in conversions. Because of this, Formstack has helped Bravo Video save thousands of dollars a year, increase the number of customers, and provided both them and their customers with a safe, easy, and efficient payment process.

Going forward, Bravo Video will continue to use Formstack on its content, feature request, payment, and survey/ feedback pages.

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