Formstack Improves Company/Client Relationship

Written by Formstack on October 23, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

In an effort to help Formstack customers get business done, we focus on providing a easy-to-use, yet powerful data collection and management experience. In order to continue this commitment, we are discontinuing Launch Pad from our suite of features, effective on September 1, 2013. If you would like help finding apps that accomplish the same tasks as our Stores, Emails, or Pages tools, please fill out this form.

Alex Sirota, NewPath Consulting

NewPath Consulting believes that the cloud is the future for small business owners. The Ontario-based company works with its small business clientele to take their office productivity apps into the infamous “cloud”, while also offering easily-created forms to collect information from current and potential customers. One service offering they often market to potential clients is the ability to design beautiful websites and blogs with an easy-to-use form solution for their needs.

“With our three payment tiers for the varying sizes of their business clients, we help businesses of all kinds become more powerful, profitable, and productive,” said Alex Sirota, director of NewPath Consulting.

In order to enable this promised success for its clients, NewPath Consulting turned to Formstack. It needed a tool that was easy to use, powerful, and effective. Formstack allows NewPath Consulting to easily create forms that suit their customers’ needs, and also provides the company analytics tools to track their clients’ successes.

Getting into e-commerce isn’t easy for a startup or small business. It can take a lot of time, manpower, and money that most small companies or start ups don’t have the resources for. When one of NewPath’s clients needed an innovative way to sell tickets to a concert, they turned to Formstack. Instead of door-to-door marketing and selling tickets by hand, NewPath created a simple online form that enabled its clients to sell tickets to a wider audience. Using a payment integration and share buttons, 900 tickets were sold online and $20 thousand worth of event sponsorships.

“Formstack is the secret sauce in my product,” said Sirota. “Formstack enables my client to just try e-commerce without spending and risking an arm and a leg.”

Without the hassle of coding, Formstack allows for simple, easy, effective, and safe business procedures, a must for NewPath Consulting. Stay tuned for more ways NewPath Consulting uses our product, including ways they plan to implement the new Launch Pad. In the meantime, Sirota continues to be one of Formstack’s greatest advocates.

His advice for other Formstack users: “Learn from others,” he says. “Hidden fields are your best friends and conditional logic is like family.”