Formstack for Felines: Four Reasons Cats Need Online Forms

Written by Abby Nieten on July 23, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m a total cat person. I’m a sucker for cat memes, and you can guarantee I will always “like” an Instagrammed kitty pic.

Last week, our onboarding specialist, Jessica, called a Formstack trial user with the same name as my Maine Coon. While joking around about why my kitten would need to build a form, the Formstack team realized that there are a multitude of reasons a cat would need Formstack. Well, if the cat was able to use a computer and communicate with other cats online, I mean. Use your imaginations here, people!

1. Surveys
While their owners are out of town, cats love to throw parties. Instead of making it BYOC (Bring Your Own Catnip), the hostess with the most-hiss can send a form to all of her friends asking what brands they like the most. This way, she can see everyone’s requests in her Formstack database and can order their favorites before the party with the money that her owners left behind for “Meow Mix.”

2. Payment Processing
Did you know that those famous meme cats collect royalty payments every single time a Facebook user shares their photo? Oh – you’ve posted the “It are my birthday” meme 12 times? You probably owe that cat $5. With Formstack, those meme kitties can integrate their forms with a payment processor and start rolling in the dough. Meme-lovers can submit a form with their royalty payment every time they share a photo. Those lucky felines probably have scratching post mansions by now.

3. Event Registrations
You know those miraculous stories about cats running away from home and then returning a few days later? They weren’t miserable or angry with their owners – they were just attending CatCon 2012! This annual convention allows cats from all over the world to mingle, checkout the latest food dispenser technologies, sample new catnip strains, and get autographs from the famous aforementioned meme stars. The CatCon organizers use Formstack every year to streamline the cat’s registration process. Better yet, the cats can access the forms on their mobile devices! Kitties are totally Apple users.

4. Contests
Sometimes, we humans misplace our television remotes or favorite Hanson cassette tape, and they are never seen again. Your cat probably gave it away as a prize on his blog. You see, cats are avid fans of making fun of the weird things their two-legged food gatekeepers own, and they like to give away those strange objects so other cats can make fun of them, too. After the form is closed to contestants, the cat can export the data into Excel and then randomly sort the submissions to determine what feline gets to receive that hair tie that went missing three weeks ago. Lucky them.

We definitely condone the use of Formstack by your favorite Calico. If you want to encourage the use of our product with your kitty, tell him or her to sign up for a free trial. You can even buy them an iPad so they can download our mobile app, although that might solicit some weird looks from the neighbors.