How to Use Formstack for Your Fall Holiday Projects

Written by Abby Nieten on October 30, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks

In an effort to help Formstack customers get business done, we focus on providing a easy-to-use, yet powerful data collection and management experience. In order to continue this commitment, we are discontinuing Launch Pad from our suite of features, effective on September 1, 2013. If you would like help finding apps that accomplish the same tasks as our Stores, Emails, or Pages tools, please fill out this form.

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, many of you have started the holiday festivities this past weekend, in addition to launching any work projects centered around the event. However, Halloween also marks the beginning of a “holiday snowball effect” of sorts. Before you can say “Boo,” it’s Thanksgiving, and Christmas comes faster than the lines form on Black Friday.

As crazy as these next few months may seem, these holidays can provide your business an opportunity to connect with your customers through a shared event – and Formstack can help! Check out these ways you can use Formstack to promote holiday cheer (and your product). Oh, did we mention we’ve created a free Halloween form theme for you?

1. Collect donations for a local charity. Sync your Formstack form with a payment processor to collect donations for a holiday charity project. Raise money to buy Halloween costumes to donate to a local costume drive. Provide a Thanksgiving dinner with the fixin’s for a family in need. Purchase toys for a nearby children’s hospital. However you decide to utilize the funding, Formstack can help you with the fundraising process. In addition, social share buttons on your form and our Twitter integration can help you spread the holiday giving spirit to a larger customer base.

2. Sell holiday goods using the Launch Pad. Does your screen printing business sell special holiday-themed shirts? Are you a stationery company that promotes themed sets for the season? Use Formstack’s new Launch Pad to sell your products using the Store tool. Create an online storefront where you can sell multiple items on one page. Want to differentiate your regular t-shirts from the Christmas ones? Put them in different categories to making browsing a cinch. Does a customer want to buy Halloween AND Thanksgiving cards? Add a shopping cart that they can add to prior to checkout. Sync the entire store to your payment processor for quick checkout.

3. Organize volunteers for a community event. October, November, and December provide a slew of events where your company can be represented. Is your nonprofit organizing a 5K where everyone has to dress like a turkey? Use Formstack to create availability forms using the Google Calendar integration. Are you selling baked goods at the 5K? Create a form and sync it with a shared Google Spreadsheet so everyone knows what to bring.

4. Give loyal customers the gift of a discount. Using the Lauch Pad’s email tool, email a discount code to a select group of customers. Did your landscaping company ask customers to fill out a post-summer work evaluation survey? Let those customers know how much you value their input. Through the Email tool, pull an email list directly from the form submissions from that survey. You can then email them a discount code or a printable coupon that they can use for landscaping services next summer. Customize the email using your brand’s logo or holiday colors for added appeal.

How do you use Formstack during the holidays? Do you find customers respond more to a certain holiday?