Formstack for Busy Moms: Using Forms to Simplify Life

Written by Jessica Ernsberger on September 24, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks

I grew up with an artist as a father. Specifically, he was the Garfield artist (yes, the big orange cat). You can imagine the perks and freebies that came with that job. Every pajama set, clock, phone and blanket in our house was a Garfield freebie. I continue to hate the color orange to this day because of it. It would be awesome if Formstack printed pajamas, but instead, one of the perks of working here is unlimited forms (among other awesomeness). Joy!

Since I don’t want these free forms going to waste, I am starting a little series of blogs that will provide a couple of creative, practical ideas on how I am using Formstack in my busy every day mommy life. My first idea is to use Formstack as a database for busy moms.

Create fields like these to keep track of your family's medical info.

Family Medical Information

Anyone who has kids knows there are many times you need to fill out paperwork about all the different doctors they go to. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your family’s doctors, dentists, optometrists, counselors, veterinarians, and pharmacies were in the same online database that you could access from your phone whenever you need to?

Basically you would just need to create a simple form with fields like this one. You can fill out this form whenever you are adding a new doctor to your family’s list. This way if you forget the address of your vet en route…you just pull up your submissions to that “Doctor List” form, click on the vet, get the map and show up on time for your appointment!

After filling out this form, it will all be displayed and saved in your form submissions tab, where you can organize any way you would like. You now have an online medical address book.

Database of Passwords

It seems like every website I use makes me create a new username and password. Why not keep them organized in one online database? Now I realize that you don’t always want these logins and passwords to be online. But there are plenty that do not raise a security threat. Honestly if you ever want to steal the login and password to my student loan company and pay my bill for me, it would make my day!

Again, just create a simple form for yourself. Each time you create a new username and password anywhere just copy and paste into your form, and they call can be saved on your organized submission page like an address book of passwords. Ahhh, a little more organization and peace of mind in your life!

Hopefully these form-building tips will make mommyhood a bit less stressful. Stay tuned for my next “Busy Mom” blog post, where I’ll be providing more practical form uses to save you time. Busy mom does not have to equal unorganized mom!