How can I store and share my file attachments?

Written by Amy Jorgenson on November 28, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks, Formstack Updates

We are always thinking of ways to make our platform more efficient for our customers. In the spirit of efficiency, we recently added some new applications to our list of integrations to help on the organizational side of things. Among these new applications are Dropbox and Box.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these two applications, they are both great solutions for electronic file storing, organizing, sharing and managing. Box has a lot more features and is geared more towards enterprise businesses, where Dropbox is simpler and is typically suitable for small businesses and basic consumer use.

These integrations make the file collection process via Formstack forms so much easier and conveniently allow you to share and organize your collected files directly in your Dropbox or Box account. These tools are perfect for those who share the form submission review process among a team. Form submission data is reviewable in the database within the Formstack application, and the uploaded files can be reviewed separately in your Dropbox/Box account without having to give someone access to your Formstack account.

You can integrate either of these applications with your form by going to Settings > Integration Hub > Documents and simply click on the one you’d like to integrate.

Access the Dropbox and Box integrations via the Integration Hub in your form builder.

The setup process is pretty straightforward on each. You will need to add your Dropbox or Box account information, grant access to Formstack, and tell us what folder in Dropbox/Box you’d like your files to be sent to by mapping this folder in the File Path field. You can also have the integration create a new folder as well, which you will be allowed to name. You could stop there if you want or you have the option to add a file prefix as well. This may be helpful in organizing your collected files, but it is not required. For example, you can pull information submitted on the form into the file prefix by adding one of the form field variables listed below the file prefix box.

Just to clarify, the intended purpose of these integrations is to transfer uploaded file attachments from a submitted Formstack form to the integration – not to transfer or store submitted form data. Submitted form data is not sent to Dropbox or Box, only the uploaded files added through the File Upload field.

That being said, you will need to include at least one file upload field on your Formstack form. This field can easily be added to your form inside the Builder by selecting the “File Upload” field option from the tools on the left side and dragging it to the spot on your form where you’d like it to be. Once this field is added to your form and the integration is set up correctly, you’re ready to go! When a file is uploaded to your form and the form is submitted, the uploaded file will be immediately transferred to your Dropbox or Box account upon submission. Yay!

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