Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service Goes Paperless with Formstack

Written by Formstack on November 2, 2012

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Dream2clean is an eco-friendly cleaning service located in Reno, Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area. Using state-of-the-art cleaning products, it ensures that spaces are clean and chemical-free when the cleaning is finished. As an environmentally-aware company, it needed a way to provide the cleaning team with checklists  – in a way that is synonymous with their “green” values. Enter Formstack. After finding out about Formstack on social media, Dream2clean started building forms to cut down on its paper processes.

Want to know the details? Here’s their story.

Who: Dream2clean

What: Dream2clean is Reno’s premiere eco-friendly cleaning service. The services it provides include move-in/move-out rental cleaning, home and office cleaning, and shower restoration. The company uses only environmentally-friendly cleaning products for its clients, leaving their homes and offices free of harsh chemicals.

Larry Rickman, Owner of Dream2clean

Where: Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe

The Problem: Since Dream2clean’s greatest draw is its environmentally, friendly cleaning processes, it needed a way to create paperless forms to reinforce its mission. The company needed forms for various reasons such as cleaning checklists, order forms, and contact forms. It also needed quick and easy way for clients to fill out an online form and survey through a Groupon offer. In addition, Dream2clean needed a speedy process that would keep up with its fast paced cleaning routines.

“Immediate editing was key for us,” said Larry Rickman, the owner of Dream2clean. “In a fast paced environment, you don’t want to wait for some web design guy to answer your email and get around to making necessary changes on a self-built form.”

The Solution:  Formstack allowed Dream2clean to quickly create the paperless forms it needed to provide efficient services to its customers. In addition, Formstack allowed the company’s Groupon offer and follow-up survey to be successful. Dream2clean asked buyers to fill out a survey following the purchase of their Groupon. Rickman created a form that allowed the company to quickly access these new customers’ information and schedule their discounted cleaning sessions.

“In 10 minutes, voila! The form reduced our inbound calls about the Groupon and allowed us to schedule and conduct the cleanings,” said Rickman.

In addition, Dream2clean continues to utilize Formstack for information request forms, timesheets for its cleaning associates, an employment application, and several other paperless uses. In regards to whether other companies should use Formstack, Rickman asks fellow small businesses these questions:

“Do you appreciate flexibility? Do you like to save money? Do you like to make money? Do you like the idea of having your data stored outside your computer? Then sign up today and learn why so many businesses have come to rely on Formstack.”