Ease Your Event Planning Stresses with Formstack

Written by Jeremy Clarke on February 17, 2012

Posted in Event Planning, Form Hacks

Whether you’ve hosted an event before or not, it can be very stressful unless you have some things in place to help you along the way. Here are 5 tips on how you can use Formstack to make your event run a little bit more smoothly.

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1. Collect payment upfront through PayPal
Chasing registrants down for their registration fee is never fun. Make sure to collect payment before they are considered “registered” for the event. With our payment integrations, you can choose to delay any confirmation emails and integrations until you have received payment.

2. Announce registrations through Twitter
Tweeting about a new event registration is a great way to spread the word about your event. Make sure to collect the registrant’s twitter username so that you can mention them in the tweet so their followers will see it (and hopefully they will re-tweet the message!).

3. Keep in contact with participants using Constant Contact
Make communication very easy by adding your registrants to an email list within your Constant Contact account. This will allow you send out updates and follow-up emails after your event has taken place. I would also add these people to other lists, if you have them setup (such as a general newsletter or informational email). If you want more information on how to best use Formstack and Constant Contact, check out our Constant Contact feature page.

4. Create a custom ticket with WebMerge
Making a professional looking ticket is pretty easy using WebMerge and their automated PDF creation. When registration is complete, WebMerge will automatically email the event ticket (customized with the person’s name and any other information you want to include) to the registrant.

5. Get feedback after the event using a survey
You can use a delayed confirmation email to automatically send an email to participants after the event has taken place. Go ahead and setup another form (survey), then include a link to that form in your email that you send.

Are you an event planner that is currently using Formstack to help your business processes? Be sure to give us some more tips that would help others in your industry!