Downtime Updates and Resolution

Written by Chris Byers on December 20, 2012

Posted in Formstack Updates

This morning Formstack experienced over 4.5 hours of downtime from 2:26 am EST to 7:17 am EST.  During this time, our data and hardware provider moved our servers and all related components to an upgraded server cabinet.  Overall this move was to enhance stability and uptime for the future.  Not only was the downtime significant, it went over the projected timeline provided by our datacenter.  And most importantly, you our customer, were not notified of the downtime.

On December 4th, our hardware provider emailed me, Formstack CEO, the information about a server cabinet upgrade.  In the normal course of business, our technical team would have also received this same email and we would have been sent repeated communication up to the event. Because of that, I read the email but then didn’t take any action.  In hindsight, that was a terrible move.  In this case, no other communications were sent and our technical team was also not notified.

We are currently making an assessment of where the additional downfall in communications took place and will be adding a much broader set of support and technical team members to these communications.

In this case, this meant you suffered because of my lack of action. For that I am sorry.  In my mind, it is completely unacceptable to have the overall downtime we experienced without at least preparing you for the event.  We normally would have announced the downtime and given you opportunity to respond on the timing of the downtime since we know your businesses are vital to your wellbeing. Our servers are now back up and running after the change.

Please email me directly at if you would like further discussion.

With our apologies,
Chris Byers + the Formstack Team