Customer Profile: Chris Theisen from FlexPAC

Written by Abby Nieten on May 9, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

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If you follow me on any of the myriad social networks where I mingle throughout the day there is a good chance you’ve seen me profess my love for Formstack. From the tool to the people behind it, I’m always impressed.

When I started with a new company over a year ago, I knew I’d be using my favorite online form builder in some capacity. I’m fairly certain my fellow employees are tired of hearing me say, “I can build a Formstack form for that.” So how are some of the ways that FlexPAC uses web forms?

Employee surveys
One of the first projects I started was a rebrand. What better way to start a rebrand and to learn about your new company’s culture and people than to do an employee survey. Formstack allowed us to quickly and easily deploy the survey. Using the Google Docs integration, we were able to share the results with key staff members and the team doing our rebrand. Trying to collect and recall all that data through any other method would’ve been fairly cumbersome.

Customer surveys
Alongside our employee surveys we rolled out a customer survey. We not only wanted to poll our customers on what they thought our brand was, we were also interested in their feedback about how they research new products and vendors. The data gathered from this survey was also used to guide the information and structure of our new website. Formstack’s reporting and charting features were utilized to correlate answers to the website questions by the departments and industries the contact worked in. Having a graphical view of the loads of data in the survey allowed us to sift through it all with better visibility.

Service scheduler
Before Formstack, our customers had a hard time scheduling our service technicians to fix their packaging, janitorial, and automation equipment. The customer had to remember or have our phone number handy or email our service technician. This worked okay if the equipment had an issue during normal business hours but we ran into issues during later shifts. Alot of our manufacturing and distribution center clients ran multiple shifts. When a piece of equipment had an error during these shifts, the shift supervisor had to either leave a note for their manager or put a note on the piece of equipment. This created a lag in communication to us and caused longer down times than needed for the customer. We created a form and embedded in our website to make reporting machine problems quick and easy. Thanks to Formstack’s mobile web forms,we were also able to offer this feature on our mobile website, making it more seamless to report issues to our service department.

Without Formstack the above projects would’ve been alot more difficult, costly and time consuming. After seeing a couple of the forms in use, I think my fellow employees are more understanding about my penchant to say, “I can make a Formstack form for that.”

Chris Theisen is the Director of Digital Communication for FlexPAC, a distributor of industrial packaging supplies, janitorial products, automation andpersonal protection equipment. Headquartered in Indianapolis with locations in Elkhart and Rock Island, IL (Quad Cities) FlexPAC was founded in 1985 with a vision of providing customers with superior service, innovative solutions and top-notch improvement concepts.