(Customer) Love is All You Need

Written by Abby Nieten on February 14, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks

With Valentine’s Day finally here, love is certainly in the air… and let’s hope Cupid hasn’t forgotten about your customers this year. Actually, let’s just hope you haven’t forgotten about them.

Showing customer appreciation is an easy task that can be overlooked. Between the planning, the budgeting, the goal setting, the selling, and the anything-and-everything-that-is-more-important-than-showing-customers-love, it’s easy to get caught up in the mess. But clear your head and smell the home delivered roses, my friend. Customers are what keep you in business and making them feel appreciated is a must.

Just like any healthy relationship, here are some tips that could help you boost your customer loyalty and appreciation. And for those of you that need to boost your personal relationships, perhaps you should listen up, too. No judgement. I promise.

1. Talk Less, Listen More.
Despite what most men people think, there is a difference between hearing and listening. Customers want to know that they’re not only being heard, but that you’re listening and you’re going to do something about it. Take some more time to read your support requests, Twitter mentions, Facebook chatter, etc. You never know, your next big idea may stem from a hidden customer blog post.

2. Offer Advice, in Small Doses.
Have you ever dated someone who always wanted to give you advice as if they were your parent? They always seemed to know exactly what you should do. So kind, right? Er. No. We already have 2+ parents, we don’t need any more.

Don’t pester your customers with things they should be doing with your product. Why? Because honestly, they probably don’t care. However, that doesn’t mean you can leave them stranded.  Allow your customers to choose how often they receive your “Tips and Tricks” newsletter, post moderately on Facebook and Twitter, but always be there to lend a hand when they need it. All you have to do is find the right balance.

3. Be Available.
No one likes to feel deserted. If your customers need you, then you need to make sure you are available for them. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you are launching a new product that will demand more support from your team, be prepared to offer that. Never ignore your customers, it will surely come back to bite you.

4. Show you Care.
Not a big surprise person? Well, that’s ok. But if you were surprised with a nice little incentive once in a while, you wouldn’t mind it, right? Give your customers some unexpected treats every so often, and it’ll go further than you think. We’re not talking chocolate and roses here, just a simple recognition that you appreciate their business.  Whether it’s in the form of a discount or a simple email that says, “Hey! We appreciate you!” -showing your customers some love is always a plus.

I hope these little knowledge treats serve as a big reminder to put your customers first today and every day. They’re your customers because they, most likely, chose you and therefore want you to succeed. So give them a little ego boost once in a while and let them know you’re here for them.

Have more ideas how you can show your customers a little lovin’? Comment below!

Oh, and Happy Love Day, people.