Hip California Company Creates Online Forms with Style

Written by Abby Nieten on July 31, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

How many times have you researched a business online and been completely turned off by a primitive, uninviting web site? For small businesses, websites can often be the consumer’s first impression of a company, so a professional website is imperative. Additionally, the medium used to collect payments on purchased products must look reliable and secure.

If you research Carlsbad, California’s “Paper and Thread,” you’ll find a hip, custom stationery company with an equally sleek website. Lori Ruedi is the owner of this organization, which specializes in environmentally-friendly personalized invitations and stationery. She needed a way to collect payments online that matched the cool style of her company’s website, so she turned to Formstack’s appealing form builder. Not only does Ruedi use Formstack to collect payments, but she can also reach a much larger consultant audience by offering an online form where clients can request more information or submit details about their order.

“My company uses Formstack as an online request form for sample products, as a way to store client info so I can create personalized cards, and as an order form to collect specific details from my clients,” said Ruedi.

Formstack allows users to quickly create efficient forms that can be embedded into their company’s existing website. Because of this feature, Ruedi can use Formstack to collect payments from clients without directing them to an external website. In addition, Formstack’s centralized database allows all submissions to be organized online, eliminating multiple paper piles of client requests and files. Ruedi’s favorite Formstack feature is its integration with Highrise, which she uses to organize her clients’ information.

“Clients simply fill out their order form with all of their wording details and contact information, and I am able to import that directly into my Highrise client management system,” said Ruedi. “Not only has Formstack allowed me to streamline my data and payment collections, it has also helped maintain a professional appearance aligned with my brand.” She also appreciates how new clients can upload a picture of themselves using Formstack, and matching a name to a face helps improve client relationships.

In the future, Ruedi plans to stick with Formstack as her website continues to grow and improve. “I really appreciate the ease of building forms with Formstack,” said Ruedi. “Also, it’s great that I can customize the form to fit my unique brand.”