Customer Highlight: Nebraska Department of Roads

Written by Abby Nieten on July 10, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Some of our clients are first time form-builders who find Formstack through a Google search. Other clients join after a friend recommends our product. A few of our clients, however, turn to Formstack after having a negative experience with another form building product. This was the case for Barb Biffle Bennett, web officer for the Nebraska Department of Roads. After a form emergency with another company, Bennett found Formstack and has been a loyal fan since.

“Formstack is constantly improving its products,” said Bennett. “Formstack won us over with its price, product, system reliability, and service.”

Want to know the details? Here’s their story.

Who: Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)

What: The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) is the state government agency charged with building and maintaining the state and federal highways in Nebraska. The main headquarters of the agency is located in Lincoln, the capital city. There are eight NDOR district offices located across the state.

The Problem: Bennett had been using another online form-builder for several years, but was becoming unimpressed by the product’s lack of updates and poor customer service. “The company initially had a very solid cutting edge product,” said Bennett. “However, over the years, they seemed reluctant to make any simple enhancements.”

When the company’s system was down on a busy day for NDOR, Bennett started looking for other form-building options. “We were posting a registration form for an upcoming conference. We’d already sent word out to register,” said Bennett. “When I checked to see what went wrong, I was not comfortable with the response, and the effort to make sure back-ups were in place just wasn’t there.”

The Solution: Formstack won Bennett over with its professional form styles and its form builder’s ability to easily recreate the forms she had previously created with the other product. Additionally, Bennett’s user experience has been improved with Formstack’s customer support. “Formstack’s customer service is a huge asset. Whenever I’ve had a question, a support representative has gotten right back to me,” said Bennett. Currently, her department predominantly uses Formstack for community surveys and vehicle or transportation permit applications, although they have built forms for event registrations and feedback.

In the future, Bennett and the Nebraska Department of Roads will continue to use Formstack to build professional and reliable forms. Additionally, Bennett hopes to expand the ways the NDOR uses online forms within their office.

“Formstack is constantly trying to improve their products,” said Bennett. “I really like the huge number of variations of forms that can be created for every purpose. I am sure we’ll be using even more styles in the future.”