Scotland Council Makes Form Building a Team Effort

Written by Abby Nieten on August 8, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

It can be frustrating when your team members spend hours on one project when there are several other tasks that need accomplished. If your web developer is taking days to develop forms for your website instead of working on other projects, you should be frustrated: Formstack’s easy form-building tool can help your company crank out the forms you need in minutes – no coding needed. For Paul Brown with the Aberdeenshire Council, the time commitment needed for developing forms was just getting too demanding, so the council area’s website turned to Formstack for their multiple form needs.

“We can be confident in the usability of our forms,” said Brown. “Formstack has massively improved our company’s workflow, as non-technical staff feel part of the development whilst our developers can focus on other projects.”

Want to know the details? Here’s their story:

Who: Aberdeenshire Council

What: The local government in Scotland is divided into 32 subdivisions called “council areas.” The Aberdeenshire Council website is a one-stop resource for the approximate 236,000 residents in the area it covers. Visitors to the website can pay rent and fines, apply for a fishing permit, report a change of address, and complete several other municipal tasks.

Where: Aberdeen, Scotland

The Problem: The council’s web developers were spending countless hours building the forms and databases needed to collect information from Aberdeenshire’s residents. While they previously worked with another form-building company, Brown found that the developers were constantly altering the forms to suit the council’s needs. “This caused a lot of expenses for us, as we were paying our developers to fix issues with our previous form providers, who we were also paying through a subscription,” said Brown.

The Solution: Making the switch to Formstack helped Brown and the Aberdeenshire Council devote more time to other government projects. “We are now able to rapidly design and deploy forms,” said Brown. “When a form request comes in from one of our internal customers, such as human resources, we are able to turn their request around in a matter of days. Using Formstack has freed up at least two full time members of staff to concentrate on other developments.”

Brown’s favorite Formstack benefit? “The usability. We can simply set up a new user and supply the credentials knowing that any one of our employees will be able to develop a form with little or no training,” said Brown. “Formstack is THE most intuitive forms solution around. Deciding on Formstack as our forms solution has freed up development time, and enabled non-technical staff to create forms rapidly. We couldn’t ask for more.”