Customer Profile: Camp Craze and Craze Interactive

Written by Abby Nieten on February 20, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

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As the CEO of a successful youth marketing firm, you would think that I wouldn’t be predictable, but my staff tells me I am. For instance, I walk into the office each day and spend ten minutes or so browsing through my emails before wandering over to the Keurig Machine (by far one of my favorite pieces of technology) for a morning cup of coffee. Typically, I will sit back down and come up with a game plan for the day and then set the tone with a chill Dave Matthews Band playlist (because, who doesn’t love DMB, except everyone in my office…but hey, office music selection is a perk of being “the boss”).

On most days, I will gather my leadership team for a staff meeting and almost everyday the same words come out of my mouth; “Let’s set up a Formstack form for that.” I guess repeating all of the above on a daily basis would make me predictable, but it’s also what makes me practical.For any business, getting information from clients is critical and getting it fast makes you much more efficient and on top of your “stuff.” As a marketing firm, we spend a ton of our time trying to collect information and we have spent three years developing our entire system online through the incredibly easy to use Formstack platform.

When I first began Craze Interactive & Camp Craze it was just me, working from a spare bedroom in my house. I spent the majority of my time trying to process long paper forms and create excel documents to serve as a database. It was awful. I would work from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. trying to organize everything and then I turned to what would be my best friend and partner in business….Formstack.

Through this new discovery, I would create intelligent forms that would be easy for clients to use. The forms would give us every piece of information we needed from basic info on our clients to everything they hoped to accomplish in their next big social media campaign. It would even process payments when quarterly invoices went out.

My background is in marketing but it’s also in camp…yes, summer camp. If you know anything about the summer camp industry it is driven by forms. You can’t send your child to camp without completing an inquiry form, followed by an enrollment form, medical form, camper profile form, credit card authorization form etc. You can’t work at camp without completing a staff application form, health history form, travel to camp form, etc.

For camp directors, collecting all of that information requires time, focus, and two Advil every four to six hours. All of the information collected on these forms is relevant and incredibly important but getting people to submit paper forms in 2012 is just…not right. We have turned many of our camp clients specifically on to online forms to collect important information from their parents, staff and alumni and continue to use it at both of our companies and across our client base.

So heres a piece of advice to anyone who is just starting a business or is looking for ways to improve an existing one; wake up every day trying to improve your business. Look for solutions that make you more professional and efficient and keep using it until everyone thinks you’re predictable.

Scott Rosenbluth is the Chief Executive Officer of Craze Interactive & Camp Craze, two New York based marketing firms. You can follow Scott on Twitter or follow Camp Craze on Facebook and Twitter.