Four Ways to Boost Volunteer Registration

Written by Nicole Witt on July 16, 2012

Posted in Form Hacks

If you run or work for a nonprofit organization, you know that finding volunteers can be a challenge. Whether it’s one large annual event that you’re trying to staff or you need a steady stream of volunteers on a regular basis, it can be tough to get people excited to devote their free time to your organization. Even if you have a large pool of passionate potential volunteers, sometimes the toughest part is managing the registration process and staying organized.

Working for a nonprofit, chances are your plate is already quite full with day-to-day tasks that must be done and volunteer registration is just one of the many hats that you have to wear, especially if you are a small organization. Luckily for you, there are online tools out there that help make your small nonprofit run like a big one.

Check out these 4 helpful tips to boost your volunteer registration.

1) Build Your Email Marketing Database
Are you using email to reach your potential volunteers? If not, you should be! Include an email newsletter signup on your website, give volunteers the opportunity to opt-in to your email lists at events, share highlights from your newsletters via social networks to encourage newsletter signups…you get the idea. Looking for a great email marketing service? Check out Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, or AWeber.

2) Use Online Volunteer Registration Forms
Do you make it easy for volunteers to sign up? No? Well, you should! Use Formstack to quickly create volunteer registration forms and embed those forms on your website or share a link to the forms in an email. If you use Constant Contact, you can build and include a link to your form in your email without leaving your email editor You can use customized confirmation pages and emails to link volunteers to more information on your website, give them your contact info in case of questions, or provide directions to the event.

3) Make it Easy for Volunteers to Schedule Themselves
It can be difficult to coordinate signups for events that have multiple time slots or volunteers needed. If you’re using Formstack, our Google Calendar integration makes this easy! This integration gives your volunteers access to register for the most up-to-date available time slots. You can avoid double booking people by using unique fields which will remove time slots that are already taken.

4) Spread the Word (And Let Volunteers Spread the Word For You)
Spread the word via social networks and take your volunteer opportunity viral! Share a link to your registration form on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to raise awareness and allow others in your network to share it with their connections. Also, people like to volunteer with their friends. You can also use Formstack’s social share buttons to make it easy for volunteer registrants to share your form with their networks and make it easy for their friends to register too.

It can be difficult to recruit volunteers for projects while also dealing with the stress and pressures of putting on an event where volunteers are needed. But with these easy steps to boost volunteer registration, you can dedicate your time and energy to making sure the event is a success!