Boost Student Participation with Online Forms

Written by Abby Nieten on August 23, 2012

Posted in Education, Form Hacks

This post is a part of Formstack’s Back to School Campaign. From August 17-September 21, we’ll be sharing all things relating to higher ed, from how to survive your first semester of college to what cloud computing tools you should use as an educator. When it comes to all things campus, we’ve got you covered. Check out our campaign page for more information and enter to win a free semester of text books!

Consistent brand elements are essential when marketing any type of product or service. Marketing a university club or internal organization is no different. Just because you may have a small group to market to, doesn’t mean brand consistency is any less important.

Formstack makes it simple for you to create contest forms, questionnaires, event registration forms, etc. all while maintaining your brand standards. Here are just a few ways you can use Formstack for your marketing needs:

Award nominations
Your big annual award ceremony is coming up. Participation was low last year due to the difficult and tedious paper forms. This year, you need something more efficient; something less grueling. With Formstack, you can create a simple online award nomination form that you can link from your main website. Nominators can easily click on the link, fill out the information, and submit the form all from their computer. You can also use our Save & Resume feature to allow nominators to come back and continue the form at a later date.

Want them to spread the word? Turn on the social share buttons, which will allow them to quickly share to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Or you can use the Twitter integration to encourage sharing through an auto-populated tweet you customize.

Event Registrations
Just looking at the campus event calendar can make one’s head spin. How in the world are you going to get potential attendees to come to YOUR event when they have so many other flyers floating about.

Use Formstack to set up an easy event registration form that you can link from Facebook and Twitter. You can create fun templates that will allow you to add some pizzazz, and use our WebMerge integration to create event tickets. You can even sync up with your PayPal account to collect ticket payments.

Surveys and research
Whether you’re a student or faculty member, gathering research and conducting surveys are equally important (and very tedious). Quite often, you need to gauge the satisfaction of your members, gather feedback on past events, or simply inquire about interest in new organizations.

Formstack makes it easy to create robust, intuitive surveys in a snap. Use conditional logic so that your users can skip certain questions that don’t pertain to them based on previous answers. Break the survey up a bit by adding multiple pages. And with our dynamic analytics reporting, you can easily filter through submissions and compare results. Need to share the data with your team? No problem. You can export charts and graphs easily from your reports.

Don’t be afraid to try it out! Until September 21, we’re giving all students an extended free trial of our Starter Plan, which will allow you to access all of the above and then some. For faculty and staff, we’re giving you 25% off!

Not sure about how you can use it? Reach out to me via twitter @beefain or comment below!