Web Form Lingo: What Is Smart Routing?

Written by Formstack on May 31, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Say you have a customer that wants two different options on their web form. They want to receive a quote vs. receiving additional information and you need to know how you can create a message for each of those instances.

Welcome to the world of smart routing! Smart routing uses conditional logic to help you customize the way that you handle and process your forms. This feature gives you greater control once a user has submitted your form.

Smart routing can be used in these instances:

  • Notification emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • URL redirects
  • PayPal processing

We’re going to go more in depth to show you how smart routing can help you better manage your Formstack web forms in this month’s edition of “Web Form Lingo.”

Notification Emails

When you set up smart routing with your notification emails, you can quickly route forms to different people in your organization. With smart routing, you can direct submissions based on a user response.  For example, if a user selects “Marketing” on your contact form, the email you set up to receive marketing submissions only will receive those inquiries.

Confirmation Emails

Smart routing for confirmation emails is perfect for order forms, event registrations and other forms where you want to customize your message. Say you want to set up an event form for meal packages and you had two different packages. With smart routing, you can send different messages in the confirmation email depending on what type of meal package the user chooses.

Other Actions

Like confirmation emails, you can use smart routing to show different custom messages, or you can use it to redirect to an external URL or to PayPal. Redirecting to an external URL or to PayPal is ideal if you have set up a form to process orders. You can now create a field that can give the user multiple payment types and redirect them to the correct location.


Have any interesting ways in which you are going to use this feature? Leave a comment below!