Five Ways to Run Fundraisers Online

Written by Formstack on August 25, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Managing fundraisers can be a lot of work. Several hours are usually invested into coordinating each step of the planning process, and conducting specific tasks like recruiting volunteers or collecting donations takes patience and dedication. While running fundraisers can be stressful, there are several simple solutions to make it a lot easier.

A time and money saver is utilizing online tools. Formstack provides five simple ways to manage all of your needs for fundraising online. So before you start planning, implement the following list to ensure your fundraising attempts are seamless and successful:

  1. Event registration sign-ups. Part of your fundraising efforts may include organizing a main event. Registering and managing a guest list for the occasion is great with an event-registration form. Collect names, emails, and other important information with our many field selections; you can even collect payments through any of our third party payment processors!
  2. Volunteer Forms. Similar to the event registration, creating a volunteer form is simple with Formstack’s online form builder. Promote the opportunity by embedding the URL to a website, blog, or social media message, and then use our Twitter integration to set up an automatic custom tweet when the volunteer form is submitted. Once information is submitted, manage, edit, and share the data in our online database at any time.
  3. Donation Requests. A perfect way to persuade your audience to donate for a fundraiser is through the use of a landing page. You can provide all the information on one page, and have a complete donation form embedded into the landing page to begin collecting information and payments right away. No worries about security. We offer secure forms to guarantee safety as soon as the information is submitted, all the way to your inbox!
  4. Confirmation/Delayed Confirmation Emails. It’s always important to thank those who choose to volunteer, participate, or donate for your fundraiser. By using Formstack’s confirmation email feature, your customized thank you message can be automatically sent as soon as the form is submitted. You also have the option to send a delayed confirmation email, which is great for fundraiser events to act as a customized reminder email.
  5. Follow-Up Survey. Once the fundraiser is over, evaluating the process or occasion is simple with an online survey. By using the data you collected from the event registration form, volunteer form, or donation request, you can easily gather email address to send a simple survey to all participants.

The possibilities don’t need to stop here. What are some other creative ways you use to manage fundraisers?