Five Ways to Increase Form Submissions

Written by Formstack on December 16, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks, Form Optimization

Form building can certainly be the easiest part in the data capturing process. Receiving submissions, however, can be quite the challenge. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your forms, I came up with a few tactics that may help.  The key thought would be to make it as easy as possible for your users to gain access to your form and omit any challenges possible. Even the simplest obstacle can deter them.

Hopefully by integrating some of the following, your form views and submissions will soon increase.

1. Include it in your newsletters
Email marketing is a great way to communicate to your customers what’s going on in your company. So why not also include a link to your form? You can either include it within one of your ongoing newsletters or you can create a special email marketing strategy around your form. Either way, making it easier for your users to gain access to the form is the best way to assure submissions.

2. Share it via social networks
You can’t always count on people checking one form of communication – such as email. In order to cover your bases, be sure to aslo include a link to your form within your Facebook page, tweet it on a daily basis, and include it as a prominent button on your blog. If you want to be even more savvy, include tracking codes within each link so that you can see which outlets work better than others.

3. Post QR code in marketing pieces
Any time you build a form, along with your regular URL  and mobile URL, you’ll also receive a QR code. If you have any type of marketing collateral that goes out to your customers or items that you use frequently at trade shows and conferences, be sure to include a QR code that links back to your form. It will allow for simple access and doesn’t require any extra work to create!

4. Embed the link in email signatures
If you’re the type of person that is constantly emailing back and forth with customers, clients, students, etc., your email signature becomes prime real estate for links. If your form is one that needs to be submitted by people you email, be sure to include a link within your signature.

5. Include an incentive
Yes. It can be gimmicky. However, including even the smallest incentive may help boost participation. Whether it’s something monetary, a product or just a discount, you’d be surprised what would motivate people to fill out a form. I’d suggest testing this thought and seeing what exactly would work. Even if you start out with something small, it’s worth a shot.


If you have tested a strategy that has increased your submissions, let us know! I’m sure the rest of our readers would love the suggestions.