4 Fun Ways to Use Online Forms

Written by Formstack on November 9, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Here at Formstack, we’re all about figuring out new ways to use our product. And as a customer, I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty awesome features that our form builder offers. Everything from conditional logic and smart routing to payment integrations and calculation fields, we’ve got the big boys covered.

However, have you ever used our form building tools for things outside of your day-to-day uses? Have you ever thought of some other miscellaneous ways you can make seemingly time consuming tasks more enjoyable?

To spread a little insight your way, here are a few creative ways that us Stackers use the forms for fun.

1. “Wait. When’s your birthday again?”

Everyone loves to be celebrated. And I don’t know one person that doesn’t enjoy a little sweet treat on their birthday. Here at Formstack, I had everyone fill out a simple form designating their birthday and date of hire. Also, to make it a little sweeter, I had them name their favorite dessert and place to eat . It’s a great and easy way to keep track of everyone’s birthday and anniversaries throughout the year!

2. “No… YOU get the food orders.”

Ever hate when you’re put in charge of getting food orders when those 5:30p.m. meetings run late or your boss decides that everyone will be working through lunch together today… on your own tab? Ok. Maybe they pay for it. However, the most daunting task can be the process of getting everyone’s food orders. Between the “hold the everything but the bun” and “add 3.5 extra pickle slices” requests, things can get a little out of hand.

With our simple short answer fields you can have all of your coworkers fill out what they want. And since you can upload the menu, there will be no pesky questions about what they can order.

3. “Don’t forget the cookies!”

Our app contains really great features and lots of event templates like event registrations forms. But if you never have a need for them, perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to use them. We don’t have many events to organize here, but when we do, we’re sure to use a jazzed-up form for office holiday parties and other celebratory events.

Have employees RSVP within the form, and if it’s a pitch-in, you can allow them to include what they’ll bring with a reminder email sent a couple of days before the event. (Because we all know that guy who always “forgets” to bring something.)

4. “Dear Santa Mom, Dad, Grams and Gramps…”

We were just at lunch today when Kyle, one of our support guys, was talking about how he had several nieces and nephews. Having several family members can be tough when trying to buy gifts this holiday season. So to make it easier, just build a simple form asking everyone to list what they want. You can even have a notification email sent to you when a new person submits the form – a very convenient feature if you happen to be out and about shopping already.
What other miscellaneous and fun ways have you used our form builder for? We’d love to know!