Unique Customer Appreciation Tips

Written by Formstack on July 6, 2011

Posted in Human Resources

You have a loyal customer base, but is that enough? Keeping your customer base can be just as tricky as it was to obtain them. You know their names, their kids’ names and their favorite product or service but how can you pay them back for being so loyal?

Here are a few unique ideas to help you pay it forward to the customers who brag about you to their friends and co-workers.

  1. Have it your way contest. Let your customers tell you how they want to see something done. Offer a suggestion box and at the end of the month look over them and chose the best idea. Reward the customer who suggested it with a coupon or some other form of thanks.
  2. After hours preview. Launching a new product or service? Let your preferred customers tell you what they think. Offer an open house after hours before the launch of a new product or service. Give the select group of customers a chance to test or view the product. This is a great way to get feedback from those who will be purchasing the product/service in the future.
  3. Give customers a taste of who you are. Offer the first 25 customers a coupon or free product/service. You can choose what you plan to give them, but craft a contest feel. The idea to be “the first” at something creates a sense of urgency.
  4. Birthday coupons. Keep a copy of loyal customers birthdates in a calendar. Send them a birthday coupon that can only be used between certain dates. It let’s them know you’re thinking of them and gives your company a more personable image.
  5. Send thank you’s. When customers/clients make big purchases or repeated large purchases, send them a thank you card. It can be a paper card or via email, but it let’s them know you appreciate their purchase and it didn’t go unnoticed.

These are just a few suggestions to boost customer appreciation for your business. They keep coming back to us so let’s give them a reason to continue.

Do you have any customer appreciation tips that have worked for you? We’d love to hear about them. Leave them in the comment space below.