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Written by Formstack on April 28, 2011

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Have you considered signing up for a Formstack account, but have questions on how you can best utilize your web forms? Well, look no further than our free 6-part mini course “How To Profit Using Web Forms.”

Whether adding order forms, registration forms or even interactive surveys to your website, you can learn our insider tactics and tips for how to convert and get more business from every web form you create!

What you’ll learn from our free course:

Part 1 – “The Many Uses of Forms”
Part 2 – “Crucial Web Form Elements”
Part 3 – “Are Your Order Forms Losing You Money?”
Part 4 – “Take Online Surveys To A Whole New Level!”
Part 5 – “Don’t Just Generate Leads, Nurture Them!”
Part 6 – “Forms For The Ultimate Lead Generation Tactics”

We have enlisted industry experts, including our own Chris Lucas, to inform you of cutting-edge and profitable ways to collect and manage data from your website visitors.

So, if you’re looking to update your small business or client’s website with web forms that will convert, we’re here to help you with our informative (and free) course!

You can sign up on our mini course landing page or fill out the form below — it’s that easy!

After filling out the web form, you will receive your first lessons immediately, with parts 2-6 coming over the next few weeks.

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