New Referral Program – Save 58

Written by Formstack on October 12, 2011

Posted in Formstack Updates

Note: As of October 9, 2018, the Formstack Referral Program outlined below has been discontinued.

Today, the Formstack team is happy to announce our new referral program – Save 58.

Whenever you refer a person to Formstack, and said person stays with us for 45 days, you’ll receive a $58 credit to your account. Want more credit? Refer more people! Just like that cheesy attorney commercial says… “It’s JUST {finger snap} that easy.”

We’ve built an awesome dashboard for you to keep track of all referrals. Be sure to login and check it out!

We’ve even made it fun! If you post a picture of how you’d spend that extra $58 you saved on, you’ll be entered to win some mad swag. The crazier, the better. (No judgement here, folks.)

You can also post it on our Facebook page or tweet it out with the hashtag #save58. To read more about the program and contest, click here.

And thanks again to all our customers! We hope you enjoy the new program.