Online Form Solutions for State & Local Government

Written by Formstack on May 24, 2011

Posted in Formstack Updates

State and local government agencies are always looking for an easy, affordable way to collect information online and manage that data without having to hire an extensive IT staff.

As more companies do business online, receive information, and manage that information, organizations of all sizes can use Formstack features to assist in their daily workflow. Our form builder requires no previous HTML or coding experience and we make sure your experience is safe by using the most up-to-date security features.

There are a number of ways that both state and local government can benefit from using our online web form builder:

  • Create survey forms in under 30 minutes to acquire suggestions and concerns from your citizens.
  • Eliminate the hassles of having applicants fill out a job application on paper and have them submit their information via an online form.
  • Create web forms for business licensing, certifications, and other business needs.
  • Customize a form that will be filled out by volunteers contributing to an upcoming project around your town or city.
  • Use our form builder as an easy solution for event registrations.

Towns like Fishers, Indiana use Formstack to manage surveys with its residents, plus they internally use the service for automated processes such as job applications.

If your town, city, or state is ready to take the next step to eliminate additional paperwork and make your data more organized, we are here to help!