New Feature Release – Add Delayed Email Confirmations to Your Online Forms

Written by Nicole Witt on June 22, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks, Formstack Updates

If you’re a current Formstack user with a paid account, you already know that you can customize confirmation emails with our online form builder. There are many use cases for a custom confirmation email; for example, after someone submits an event registration form, you can personalize your next communication with event details. This week we’ve made another upgrade to our form builder to make it even easier for you to customize your communications.

Delayed Email Confirmations

Did you ever wish that you could schedule an email confirmation to be sent following a form submission rather than have it sent immediately? Now you can! We’ve added a new feature allowing you to delay the send of your confirmation emails by an amount of time specified by you.

To get started, go to Settings in your account and select the Emails and Redirects tab.

How To Send A Delayed Email

Under Confirmation Emails, you’ll now see two radio buttons with the option to send your confirmation email Immediately or to Delay. If you wish to delay the send, you’ll have the option of typing in a specific date or scheduling the email out by a specific number of days (i.e. you’ll type in +3 if you want the email to send 3 days from when the form was submitted). Now you will have three options for sending email confirmations:  send one confirmation email immediately, send a confirmation email immediately and send a delayed email, or send only a delayed confirmation email.

Use Cases for Delayed Email Confirmations

This new feature has taken your ability to customize confirmation emails to the next level. Not only can you communicate a personalized message to your customers, but now you can also determine when they receive that message. Delayed confirmation emails are great for event registration forms or other types of forms where you want to remind someone about a specific event or opportunity. For example, if you are holding an event, you don’t have to send out a confirmation email as soon as a registrant submits their form, but instead you could delay that email. You have the power to customize the confirmation message with event details like time, date, and event location, and the message can also serve as an event reminder!

Delayed email confirmations could also be used for reminders of a promotion, product launch pages, survey follow-up, and much more.  Visit our support page to learn more about this feature.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to rollout new features and upgrades to make it even easier for you to build and manage your online forms. Have an interesting use case or want to tell us how you’re using online forms? Share it with us in the comments section below!