Get Motivated with Tips by the Formstack Team

Written by Formstack on December 7, 2011

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The cold, dark days of winter are fast approaching, and often times our motivation can disappear with the warm temperatures. Here at Formstack, we do quite a few things together to keep us moving along, however, we also have our individual ways of keeping ourselves on top of daily tasks. To help you with some of yours, we thought we’d share our techniques!

Kelly Millspaugh, Office Manager
I love putting tasks on Wunderlist and checking them off!

Kyle Hankins, Support
I get inspired by thinking “Joy-Joy” thoughts about my co-workers.

Lance Padgett, Marketing Intern
cheerful music
happy colors
lot of time with family and loved ones
giving back in any way possible
lots of hot chocolate
healthier eating during the winter
enjoying the snow
planning holiday activities
being friendly and getting friendliness back

Chris Byers, CEO
Remembering the end goal is always important. It is easy to get distracted and frustrated with short-term issues. Keeping the long-term in perspective keeps the energy fresh and new. Running is also a very practical way for me to get re-motivated. It is usually an excellent time to think and come up with new ideas.

Breena Fain, PR/Marketing
A lot of day-to-day activities I do include some sort of writing or creative thinking. So in order to stay focused, the best way for me to get things completed is to do them while listening to some tunes. Whether it’s energetic beats to keep my blood pumping , or calming folk tunes to keep me mellow and thinking clearly – whatever it is, all I know is silence is not golden for my motivation.

Jeremy Clarke, Development
The thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that the harder I work, the more I’ll get to play.


Have some suggestions for us? Be sure to comment below! We’re always eager to hear new ways of staying focused!