Create PDF Documents with WebMerge Integration

Written by Formstack on October 31, 2011

Posted in Formstack Updates

We are happy to announce a new integration with WebMerge, a service that allows you to automatically create PDF documents from your form submissions. Setting up your documents is really easy. You can choose to upload a fillable PDF (allows you to type data directly into the PDF) or use their document builder to create your own template.

This opens up the door for a lot of new opportunities for your data collection. Some examples of how you could use WebMerge include: invoices, tickets, contracts, applications, and any other type of document that requires a certain format to be printed or stored by a document storage service.
So how does this work? It is really easy. The first step is to create your account at and create your first document. Once that document is all setup and you are satisfied with the test output, create an API Key under the Account tab. Next step, login to your Formstack account and add the integration (located under Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > Other Web Apps) to your form. Enter your API Key and Secret, choose your document, and map the fields on your form to the fields on your document. Save and you are done!

As you will see in the document setup process, you will be able to setup email notifications to send the PDF document to specific email addresses as well as email addresses the come from your form data.

As a special offer for Formstack customers, they are offering free document setup help – normally an add-on service – which means they will help you create professional looking PDF documents. They will also help you convert an old PDF into one with fillable fields. To get started, visit and create your account.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by visiting our support page or through our Twitter account.

Want a walk-through of the integration? Check out our video!