Create Online Forms Instantly with our New Field Guides

Written by Formstack on November 16, 2011

Posted in Formstack Updates

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out some pretty awesome new features within our form builder. This week we are excited to launch the new Field Guide. Acting as what you’d normally consider to be a “wizard”, the Formstack Field Guide adds ease to the form building process. With easy-to-use form templates, prompts and suggestions, and continuous guidance, this new Field Guide is a great way to help you make forms even faster.

Here are a couple of details about this new feature.

1.  Field Guide forms

While building your form, there will be helpful tips to ease the process. Once you click “Create a Form,” you’ll see a few options pop up. When you hover over the large “Field Guide” icon, you’ll see a sidebar pop out with an area where you can select the type of form you want to build. If you do not want help, no problem! We still have our pre-built forms you can select from, or you can choose to start from scratch.

2.  Auto-populated fields

Let’s say you select “Contact Form” from the Field Guide options. To save time on the building process, you’ll now be able to see a few auto-populated fields that we think you may need. Want to nix some of them? It’s as easy as checking and unchecking the selection boxes next to each field name. You’ll also see a “Sample Form” to the right where you can preview your selected fields. This is a great way to get an idea of how your final form will look (minus the fancy templates of course).

3. Summary options

Once you have completed your form through the Field Guide, a summary page will pop up with a few options. You can choose to view the live form, edit the form if you’re not quite finished, or change some of the form settings. Even though you had these options before, within the new Field Guide, we make it a little easier to navigate your way.

Throughout the Field Guide, you’ll notice a few other small changes that will make your form building experience a little more enjoyable. If you’d like more details, please watch the video below. And if you want to see it for yourself, be sure to log in today and play around with our latest creation.

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