How to Upload and Insert an Image into a Formstack Form

Written by Formstack on August 19, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

In the past, you had to host your images on your own website or a free image hosting service in order to place them on your Formstack form.  Recently, however, we added a new feature to allow you to upload images directly to Formstack to use on your forms.


To insert an image into your form, you will need to add a Section or Description Area Field to your form and then click on the Insert Image button (which looks like a small tree).


This will bring up the Insert/edit image dialog box.  Click on the Upload tab on this box to upload your own image.


Click on the Browse button to choose an image from your hard drive to upload to Formstack. Then click on the Upload Image button.


You’ll see a pop-up telling you that your image has been uploaded successfully.  Click OK.


Click back over to the Insert/edit image tab and choose your image from the Image list.  Then click the Insert button.


Your image will now show up in your Section or description area field.