How to Customize the Subject of an Email Based on a Form Field

Written by Formstack on August 22, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

A hidden feature of Formstack is the ability to use form field variables in the subject line of notification and confirmation emails.


To do this, create a custom confirmation or notification email.


Then click on whatever fields you want to insert into your subject.  This will insert those fields into the body of your email.  These variables look like this:  {$12676952 Name}


Finally, cut and paste the fields from the body of your email to the subject line.  Whatever users type into those fields will be inserted into the subject line of your email.

My example email has this subject line:  “Support Request for {$12676951 Which department would you like to contact?} from {$12676952 Name}

After the variables are replaced, the email subject will look like this:  “Support Request for Sales from John Smith