How to Create a PTO Request Form

Written by Formstack on July 15, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

When a Formstack employee needs to request paid time off (PTO), they use a Formstack form to do so, of course.  The form triggers an email to the appropriate managers and stores the request in the database for future reference.  This is a simple form to build.


We start with a blank form called PTO Request Form.


For a small company, such as Formstack, we create a select list of names for the employees to choose from.  For larger companies, you would probably want to just have them type in their name.


Then we’ll add a date/time field for start date and a date/time field for end date.  After you create the start date field, simply duplicate that field and rename it for the end date field.


After that, we can add a number field for the number of actual work hours those dates represent.


And finally, we add a long answer field for any notes or comments the employee may want to make, such as why they’re asking for time off or that they will only be gone half a day instead of a full day.


The final form will look something like this (see image above).

You would, of course, set up notification emails to determine where the form submissions are going, and you could use smart routing to send the form to different managers based on which employee is requesting time off (if you use a select list field for employee name), but the info here should be more than enough to get you started.