How to Change the Reply-To Address on a Notification Email

Written by Formstack on March 22, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

A notification email is the email that is sent to you, the owner of the form.  The “from” or “reply-to” address on this email can be the email address of the person filling out the form,, or a custom address that you can type in.

To set the “email from” address to the email address of the person filling out your form, you must first add an email field to your form on the Build tab.  A lot of people forget this step and try to build the notification email before building their form.  This won’t work.

Sometimes, to help you filter the emails, you may want to set the “email from” address to a specific address of your own.  You can do this by choosing “Custom Address” from the “email from” drop-down list, and then typing in the email you want notification emails to be sent from in the box provided.

If you still have questions about setting up the “from” or “reply-to” address on a notification email, feel free to contact us.