How to Build a Fixed Price Order Form

Written by Formstack on August 30, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

If you’re selling a single item, such as a book, and the price is fixed for all users submitting the form, then setting up your form should only take a few minutes.


Start with a blank form and give it a name.


Then add fields for Name, Email Address, Mailing Address and whatever other personal info you need to collect to deliver the item you’re selling.


Finally, you need a field that contains your price.  Click on the Add Field button and choose a Number field.  Set the label to “Price” and where it says “default value” type in the amount you are charging, such as “20”.

If you don’t want the user to be able to edit the price, click on the Read-Only checkbox.  If you want the price field to be hidden on the form, check the Hidden checkbox.

Now that you have a price field, you can add one of our third-party integrations.  For this example, I’m going to use PayPal.


To add PayPal Website Payments Standard to your form, go to Settings > 3rd Party Integration and click the Add button next to that integration.


You’ll see a lot of options on the PayPal integration page, which you may find confusing.  Ignore everything except the Price option, which is the only field you need to map to make the PayPal integration work.  From the drop-down list next to Price, choose the Price field from your form.

Click the Save Settings button and you’re done.  When a user submits your form, they will now be redirected to PayPal to complete payment.


This is what your completed form might look like (above).


The user is redirected to PayPal after they hit the submit button.