How LACMA used Formstack web forms with their Groupon deal

Written by Formstack on January 11, 2011

Posted in Case Studies

In November, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) signed on with Groupon to send out a daily deal for a membership to the museum. The Groupon email offered a $50 membership package at the museum for only $25. With such a big discount, they were expecting thousands of Groupons to be purchased. One problem. Due to their terms of service, Groupon won’t release any data collected when someone purchases a Groupon. That meant no addresses or email addresses could be sent to the museum. LACMA needed a quick & easy way to collect that data on their own.

For those not familiar with the daily deal site, Groupon is the leading “deal-of-the-day” website for several markets throughout the world. Once a day, an email is sent from Groupon with a special “deal” for their users to purchase in a specific market. The Groupon database for the Los Angeles market is upwards of 600,000 members. Not counting the thousands of other people in markets across the United States and around the world.

Once the Groupon was sent out, 5,000 LACMA memberships were purchased. Since they couldn’t receive the information through Groupon that they needed to mail out the membership cards, they needed to find another solution to collect the data.

That’s when LACMA turned to our web forms. They used a web form to collect the contact information from their new members and to handle the thousands of submissions they received. After the Groupon was purchased, a confirmation email was sent to the buyer giving them two different options. They could either print out the Groupon and physically bring it into the museum, or they could click on the Formstack link to provide all of their information online. Not only did this allow LACMA to easily have access to their information to mail the membership card, but it also allowed for an email confirmation to automatically be sent to the new member.  The member could use the confirmation email as a “temporary” card until they received their card in the mail.

We talked with Ellen Castruccio, Director of Membership Marketing at LACMA, about their experience using Formstack and Groupon. Castruccio stated, “Using Formstack was incredibly easy…it was a lifesaver!“.  By using the simple, web form builder LACMA not only can send out membership cards to their new members but also send out renewal notices, offer discounts to friends of members, and contact them with any other specials they are offering.  Using Formstack has saved them from becoming overwhelmed and also gave them new ideas for new ways to connect with members in the future. You can bet they will be using Formstack the next time they offer a Groupon deal!