Green Tips for Small Businesses

Written by Formstack on March 28, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Did you know that Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year? That’s enough to build a 12 foot-high wall of paper from New York to California! With Earth Month approaching in April, we wanted to take a look at how your small business can start getting more “eco-friendly.”

At the Formstack office, our logo isn’t the only thing that is green. We all have recycling containers in our offices to remind us to recycle everyday. It’s a small but easy step! Our business is based on eliminating paper forms with our online web form builder, so we try our best to help the environment anyway we can.

From conserving energy to buying green electronics, here are 6 things small businesses can do to improve their carbon footprint and boost their “green cred.”

1. Print your marketing materials on recycled paper. Whether you’re going to send out flyers, pamphlets or other literature, make sure it’s on recycled paper.

2. Buy green electronics.
Choose ENERGY STAR qualified products, which use less energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy costs. To replace existing office equipment, many manufacturers offer trade-in programs.

3. Conserve energy. Reducing your office’s energy bill and conserving energy is as simple as remembering to turn off equipment when you leave a room.

4. Say no to styrofoam. If your business has a coffee maker or water cooler, use thermal carafes and stainless steel water bottles to cut out styrofoam coffee cups and plastic water bottles.

5. Try an e-Fax service. If you still need to fax documents, retire the old paper machine in favor of a scanner or eFax service. No more separate paper, toner, power and maintenance, and you only print the ones you really need to.

6. Switch to E-vites. Invitations for any function can be made as an e-invite. It is more likely to reach quickly and saves on paper cost. You can get started today by an creating e-vite on our website.

Even the smallest businesses can produce lots of waste and use substantial energy for everyday operations. The good news is that creating an eco-friendly workplace can be simple. Start today and make a difference for tomorrow!

What other green tips do you use in your office?