Use Formstack to Manage Holiday Stress

Written by Formstack on November 22, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

So the holiday season is officially upon us. (My neighbor’s lights have been up for three weeks, so apparently it has been upon them for some time now.)

But I digress.

With the holiday season, definitely comes wonderful time spent with family, lots of goodies to eat and surely enough cheer to last through these harsh winters. However, us planners can get pretty stressed just thinking of all we need to accomplish.

Stuff the turkey. Hang the lights. Buy the presents. Wrap the presents. Write the cards. Mail the cards. And about a million other things, am I right?

With all of those daunting tasks, getting everything completed before Ol’ Saint Nick comes plopping down your chimney can seem quite impossible. Well, with our easy-to-use form builder, organizing your holiday tasks has never been simpler. Get your shopping list in order, organize those swanky holiday parties and gather everyone’s mailing addresses in a snap!

For real. Santa is granting your wish right here and now, people.

Want to know more? See the details below!

1. Get Your Holiday Shopping Done in a Snap.

Not only do I have two little brothers whose interests change about every second, but I also have cousins, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, friends, etc. And let’s be honest, I simply cannot keep up with what everyone wants for Christmas. With a simple form, I can have them all submit their top three favorite items. Just throw together a brief description, a “Name” field, a few “Short Answer” fields and you’ll be good to go! Also, it’s great if you want to export it into an excel document, print it out and take it shopping with you.

Shopping crisis averted. You’re welcome.

2. Make Holiday Party Hosting More Fun and Less Painful.

My girlfriends and I love to host themed parties, especially around the holidays. Whether it’s a wine tasting party, a roaring twenties soirée or just the traditional “Tacky Christmas Sweater” party, we hold no judgement. However, when it comes to getting things in order, things can get a little crazy.

With a simple form, you can not only organize your RSVP list, but you can also check to see your guests’ availability, tally what food/beverage items they can bring and even send them reminder emails.

You know, so you can enlighten them a few days before the party that A) they didn’t say they were bringing a guest, so sorry “Creeper McGee” is not allowed to join, B) they offered to bring a dessert, so don’t even think about rolling in with a frozen cheese ball, or C) the party attire said “cocktail,” so don’t try to be funny and sport your grandmother’s Santa cat sweater, mmk?

Trust me. Using a form to do all of this will make you a merrier hostess and a more enjoyable party-goer.

3. Dear Mom, I Changed My Address… Again.

Seriously. I don’t know how my family keeps up. I think I’ve moved, on average, about twice a year. So clearly, the 40+ family members that would love to send me a Christmas card have a hard time doing so. Do you run into this problem, too? Have a niece in her mid-twenties that can’t seem to stay in one place? Well, first of all, I apologize on behalf of all of us. Secondly, here is a way to ease your pain.

Simply create a form with “Name” and “Address” fields. Then,  send out the link a few months in advance, giving your family ample time to submit, and have them enter their information. Go to your “Submissions” tab and there you go. Easy peasy, my friends.

If you want, you can even export the information to excel and print nice little fancy labels.  Everyone will love it.


What kinds of things are you doing to keep stress-free through the holidays? I could use all the help I can get. 😉