Three Simple Ways to use Online Forms for Wedding Planning

Written by Formstack on March 8, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

With a little more than a month to go until our wedding, the one thing my fiancée and I are looking forward to most is our Beach Vacationhoneymoon. There comes a point when you’re ready to be done planning, and we’ve hit that point and are ready for some R&R! While orchestrating a big event can be stressful, there are simple things you can do to make it a lot easier.

A time and money saver for us has been the use of online forms. Whether you’re planning a wedding, family reunion or any other type of event, there’s no reason you can’t mix tradition with technology.

1) Online Address Collection

If you’re like me, you don’t have hundreds of addresses of all your friends, family and coworkers lying around the house. My mom actually does, but I blame my lack of a hand-written address book on email, texting and Facebook. I honestly can’t remember the last time I mailed a letter to someone.

Rather than call up each and every person for their address, we created a simple contact form and sent it out through email and Facebook. Not only did we end up with a database of addresses for future reference, we were able to export them to Excel and create mailing labels for our save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

2) Paperless RSVP Forms

We decided to stay traditional by sending out a printed wedding invitation, but in lieu of including a return envelope and RSVP card, we provided a link to our wedding site which contained an embedded RSVP form.

The form uses conditional logic to show additional fields if the guest is attending and if they’re bringing guests. It also uses smart routing to send them a custom confirmation email if they mark that they are attending. The email contains information Embedded RSVP Formregarding the ceremony and reception (time, date, directions), hotel accommodations and a link to our wedding registry.

Once people RSVP, we just have to filter or sort the submissions to get a grand total for how many people are attending. With an online RSVP, we don’t have to worry about RSVP cards getting lost in the mail and there’s no need for tracking attendees and meal preferences by hand.

3) Wedding Planning Checklist

For me, checking things off a list can be therapeutic. I’m definitely guilty of creating to-do lists and adding tasks I’ve already accomplished, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off my list. With wedding planning, there are so many details to remember that it’s smart to make a list and prioritize it.

Using an online form, you can create a series of checkbox fields with tasks you need to get done within a particular timeframe. For example, you could have a field labeled, “Ten to Twelve Months in Advance” and list all of the things you want to accomplish during that timeframe before your wedding. With Formstack, you can set that checkbox field to unique which will allow you to automatically remove items from your list as you check them off.

Additional Uses

You don’t have to stop at the ideas mentioned above. Get creative! You can build RSVPs for your rehearsal and bridal shower, create a music request form for the reception, gather tux size information from your groomsmen and even integrate a form with WePay or PayPal to let your maid of honor and best man collect money for your bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Have a creative use for online forms for event planning? Tell us about it in the comments section below!