Creative Ways to Use Online Surveys

Written by Lance Padgett on August 30, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Formstack makes creating online surveys a breeze, but we think you know that already. What you don’t know are some out of the box, creative ways to use surveys to help grow your business and collect knowledge about your customers. Luckily, we have compiled a short list for this occasion.

Collect a testimonial

Place a field at the bottom or top of your survey asking for a customer testimonial. Take these kind words and use them to your advantage on your website or marketing materials.

Item of the month

Let your customers pick what will be this month’s special discounted item. Allowing this freedom will likely help your customers easily remember the special monthly item. They are now more likely to come in and make a purchase or refer others.

Create a quiz

You can create a quiz for students, but you can also make one for your customers. Test them on their knowledge of your company, products/services or the industry in general. Collect a better understanding of the knowledge your customers already have and the knowledge they need.

Create a customer personality test

This is similar to creating a quiz for your customers except based on one’s personality. Get a better feel for what type of people you’re doing business with. Hone in on what pleases and dissatisfies your customers, and be able to adapt your business methods and target your market more effectively.

Engage with listener interests

Speakers & teachers use quick mobile surveys to ask your audience what they most want to hear about. Alter your lessons based on those results, and deliver the information being sought.

School-wide or company-wide voting

Build online surveys to distribute to the whole school or just faculty. Have students vote on the yearbook ballot, team MVP, performer of the year, and more. Let teachers evaluate student performance and response.

Rate my website

Use surveys to allow web visitors to evaluate your site. Navigation, layout & design are some of the simple attributes to get you started. Go more in-depth and ask about text copy, color scheme, & blog content. By doing this you will take the guessing game out of your website design & content by allowing your followers to tell you what they want. Make your site a collaborative effort between you and users.

We hope these suggestions will provide you with inspiration when creating online surveys. If you have any advice on creative ways to use surveys, we’d love to hear. Leave your tips below in the comment area. Want to create a survey for your own use? Sign up for a 14-day free trial to test it out!

[photo credit: 89studio]