Creative Uses for QR Codes and Your Small Business

Written by Formstack on July 7, 2011

Posted in Lead Generation

QR codes are everywhere; they aren’t just a fad anymore but a growing trend in moving your small business along the road to success. They are easy to create and can lead customers to a product with the snap of a Smartphone camera.

The real question now is: how can I use QR codes to stand out amongst my competitors? Here are 5 unique ideas to optimize QR codes for your small business.

  1. Business cards: Put a QR code on the front or back of your business cards. They can be linked to the company’s home page or contact information. It’s a quick and easy way to engage current and new customers. It’s also virtually inexpensive; all you have to do is include the QR code in the design of your business cards.
  2. Advertising: QR codes can be put on both print, online and TV commercial advertising. Ad space can be limited and QR codes let consumers scan the code and be led to a new site with a wealth of information. Link the QR code to a certain product, service or an information FAQ page.
  3. Create a campaign to increase your social following: Include a QR code on direct mailings, or print advertisements signage and link them to your social networks. Direct consumers to “like” your Facebook page or send them to your home Twitter page. This is a fast way to let consumers know you are out on the social networks and will engage with them.
  4. Add QR codes to your product packaging: This can serve multiple purposes. You can add a discount or sale on a specific product. QR codes on products can also link consumers to FAQ pages with more information on the product.
  5. Events: Add a QR code to the event ticket or signage for the event. You can use Formstack to create event registration pages. Once you’ve created a form, we will provide you with a custom QR code to link to a Google map or RSVP page for the event.

Don’t let these ideas limit you. They are just a starting point to get you thinking about the possibilities of QR codes. There are many ways to infiltrate QR codes in your small business.

Happy coding and if you have any ideas that we didn’t mention, please leave your comment below!