How to Create a Following for Your Brand

Written by Formstack on July 21, 2011

Posted in Lead Generation

So you have this great brand and you know it will be a huge success but you have no groupies following ‘said’ brand. How are you going to amp up your marketing efforts and holster the cult brand following you know the brand deserves?  We have some tips that if you follow, they should help you gain followers.

  • Network. Everyone everywhere has always told you to network. Networking will help you get your foot in the door and get you what you want. Do the same with your brand. Network with those you believe would be interested in the brand and create relationships. Eventually if you network enough, word will get out about the brand and help amp up the number of followers.
  • Go after early adopters. Harley Davidson knew this from the get go and used this tactic flawlessly. A brief overview of what they did was they wanted to switch hues of the signature orange color. They have such loyal followers they knew they needed to target those who were huge Harley fans. They let them in on the “little secret” of the color switch and when it happened, orange was the hottest color. Make sure you know who your early adopters are and target them vigorously.
  • Target specific audiences. If you know your brand will be successful in a specific target audience, hit that group hard with your marketing techniques. Don’t waste your time with target markets that you think might be interested. Find the brands niche market and focus your efforts there.
  • Talk to customers to find out what you can improve. You want your followers to be happy. Happy followers will attract more people to the brand. Talk to your current followers and ask them what they like and what they would like to see differently. Utilize the followers you have now to help launch your brand and find out what works and doesn’t from those who currently use the brand.

Do you have the following you want yet? If you build it, they will come. Practice the above tips you and you will be pleasantly surprised. Remember, you are not limited to these options. Be creative and if you have a tip that you’ve found has helped build brand followers we’d love to hear about it in the comments area below.