Copy Your Online Forms To Another Account

Written by Nicole Witt on June 23, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

Current Formstack users have the ability to make a copy of a form they’ve built within their own account. We’ve now rolled out a new feature to our online form builder that allows users to copy any of their forms to another user’s account or to someone who doesn’t yet have a Formstack account!

How Our “Copy to” Feature Works


While in the Forms tab in your account, hover your cursor over the thumbnail of the form you wish to copy until you see several icons appear. Click on the Copy to icon to copy the form. You’ll see an option to copy the form to My Account or Other Accounts. Select Other Accounts.



To copy your form to another account or to multiple accounts, insert the email address(es) you want to copy the form to. You can create a custom message that will show in the email Formstack sends alerting them that a form has been shared. You have two options for copying your forms to another account:  you can copy only the form or copy the form and any integrations tied to that form. If you only want to copy the form, your integrations and credentials will be removed from that form (in the other user’s account) and the user you sent the form to can use their own credentials for any integrations.

For more information on how to use our Copy to feature, visit our support page.

Copying Forms to Someone Who Doesn’t Have an Account

Copying a form to someone who doesn’t have a Formstack account is just as easy!  A free account for that person will be auto-created by Formstack based on the email address you provide. That person will receive an email providing them with access to the copied form and any of its integrations (if you chose to share integrations).  The new user will just need to create a password for their free account to access the copied form. The form can be used in the free account with it’s integrations; however, if they want to upgrade to any of our paid plans and create more forms they can at any time.

Why Would You Want to Copy Your Forms?

This new feature gives Formstack users the power to create and copy forms to other users, who then have the ability to edit and manage the form as if it were built by them. What are some example use cases for this? If you are a web designer or developer that often creates online forms for your clients, you can copy the forms you build into your clients’ accounts giving them full access to edit and manage the forms going forward, if necessary. Marketers within an organization can create forms using design templates that are consistent with the organization’s branding and copy those forms to users within different departments to ensure that everyone in the organization is using online forms that comply with brand standards.

What are some other ways in which you’ll use our Copy to feature? We’d love to hear from you, share your ideas with us in the comments below!