Building Lunch Order and Pitch-In Forms

Written by Formstack on August 5, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

We have a saying around the Formstack office for any repetitive task we have to do via email, paper or other means:  “Can you build a form for that?”.  The answer is usually yes, and the form is always a time saver.

Case in point would be our group lunches on Fridays.  We usually play ping pong to decide where we’re going to eat, but if we’re in a hurry, we just have everyone vote.  A simple two field form that takes maybe 30 seconds to build is all we need.  We ask for a name, so no one tries to cheat and vote twice.  Then the other field is a radio button field with the restaurant choices.  We shoot the form out to all staff and give people a few minutes to reply, and our lunch choice is made.


Then there are those times when we order in to the office for lunch meetings and team building days.  The boss picks a place (since the company is paying) and we all get to choose what we want from that particular restaurant.  This, of course, is done via a form as well.  One popular choice around the office is Jimmy Johns, so that form gets used a lot.

A form such as this just needs a name field, a radio button field to choose a sandwich, and a radio button field to choose what type or chips are wanted.  Simple!


Finally, in the same realm, are pitch-in dinner forms.  We haven’t done one of these pitch-ins at Formstack (we want to), but I’ve helped several of our customers build them.

The key is making a checkbox field of things you need and making that field unique, so each item is removed from the list as someone promises to bring it (assuming you don’t want multiples of items).

This form just requires a name field and a checkbox field of items needed for the pitch-in dinner.


Sure you use Formstack for your contact forms, event registration forms, order forms, and surveys, but if you think outside the box, I’m sure there are dozens of other ways you can make use of your Formstack account.  Office supply request forms, PTO request forms, employee evaluation forms, charity donation forms…these are just a few of the things we use forms for around our own office.