The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page: Infographic Case Study

Written by Formstack on January 27, 2011

Posted in Form Optimization, Infographics

When we launched our latest infographic, The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page, back in December, we initially used it as a way to add some variety to our link profile and build back domain authority. What we didn’t realize was the vast amount of attention it would receive by the social media community.

After viewing our website analytics, we noticed from launch date (December 13th) to today, the infographic page has been viewed on over 150,000 times. Taking into effect that the majority of views came from direct links, we went further to look where it was being shared the most.

Social Media Breakdown (from December 13th-January 25th)

  • StumbleUpon16,291 site visits
  • Twitter9,936 site visits (direct; not necessarily links coming in via Twitter clients)
  • Facebook7,295 site visits
  • Reddit – 3,833 site visits
  • Delicious – 1,209 site visits

In this instance, social bookmarking websites StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious were just as important as Facebook and Twitter for driving traffic to our content.

Formstack Page Visits

Below the infographic, we wanted to see how many people would click over to discover more about our product — so we included the following:

The typical navigation path for visitors to usually goes Home > Pricing > Features, but for this instance, we discovered something very valuable. More people were not interested in pricing, but were more concerned with the “What It Does,” “How It Works,” and “Who Uses It” pages.

While it may not lead to direct conversions today or tomorrow, it did lead to an audience perhaps previously unfamiliar with Formstack getting to learn more about our product. With our next infographic release, our goal will now shift from being a brand awareness and link-building activity to one focused more on lead generation and list-building.