Adding a Digital Signature to a Form

Written by Formstack on August 9, 2011

Posted in Form Hacks

The typical way to accept a digital signature on a form is to add a checkbox of some sort to your form, asking the user to agree to your terms and conditions or legalese text.  All Formstack users agree to something like this when they sign up for our service.


This is common practice on the web and perfectly legal.  However, as I’m not qualified to give legal advice, I’ll let our attorney handle that.


The first thing you’ll want to add to your form is your terms & conditions or whatever you’re having the user agree to.  To do this, you will want to use a Description Area field.  You can either link to your terms & conditions or paste them right into the description area field.   If you want to get fancy and put your text in a scrolling box, that is possible as well.

Next, you’ll want to add a checkbox field to your form.  Make the label something like “By checking this box, you agree to our terms & conditions above”.  Make the field required and make the only option on the field “I agree”.  The user now cannot submit your form without checking that they agree to your terms & conditions.



Above is what this will look like on an actual form.