5 Reasons To Use An Online Web Form Builder For Lead Generation

Written by Formstack on February 15, 2011

Posted in Form Optimization, Lead Generation

Lead generation is not a new form of gaining new business, but it now has a new approach. Rather than setting up a display in hopes of targeted consumers filling out a form, you can have leads generated and sent to you via email.

A good online lead generation form allows you to capture the right information and begin relationships with potential customers.

Here are five reasons to consider an online form builder the next time you create a lead generation web form:

1. Smart Routing

You can receive streamline notifications with Smart Routing by sending submission emails to different people depending on what your customers fill out on your contact form.

2. Spam Protection

Take the first step to fighting spam by using lead generation forms instead of publishing your email address on your website where it can be picked up by spam bots. You can feel safe to know that web forms will protect you from any additional spam.

3. Website Integration

Easily integrate HTML lead generation forms on your website by embedding a few lines of code in your site, or using custom style templates that match your brand.

4. Easy Form Builder

Using a web-based drag and drop form builder can be easy! Create lead generation forms quickly without any programming knowledge, or any software to download and install.

5. Custom Confirmation Emails

You can automatically send a confirmation email to people who submit your online web forms. It’s a great option for lead generation, allowing you to touch base with leads before they receive a personal call or other follow up.

Get started on your next lead generation form today by giving our online form builder a try!